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Government Grants

Mackenzie Hughes secured a $600,000 grant for three municipalities in Central New York to consolidate drinking water services. The funding reduced taxpayer costs for almost 6,000 water customers while bringing the entities into compliance with an unfunded federal mandate. We also secured a $400,000 grant for a village in Central New York to install sidewalks to minimize pollution, reduce traffic congestion and improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. Our full-time grants staff also secured funding for a Central New York not-for-profit to provide bereavement training to daycare centers in the area and to purchase and distribute grief resource kits.

Mackenzie Hughes attorneys servicing the Government Grants area include:

Richard C. Engel
Ramon E. Rivera

Mackenzie Hughes’ grants practice includes a continuum of services, from project development to grant writing and grants administration. We specialize in securing funding solutions for our clients to help them achieve fundraising objectives. The practice consists of a team of attorneys and a grants coordinator possessing expertise in the areas of municipal, not-for-profit, and business project development to match clients with available funding.

Grant Writing Services

Our grants management practice, which is part of the firm’s Employment & Public Sector Law Group, is comprised of two attorneys and a grants coordinator who provide the full scope of grants management services, including project development, grant writing and grant administration.

Our grants practice is focused on assisting our clients to secure funding through state and local governments as well as foundations in an effort to expand and secure the financial integrity of an organization, project by project.

These professionals work with individuals and businesses throughout the entire grant process by matching clients with available funding to meet their missions and goals, preparing the grant applications, and submitting the grant application to the funding source.

Funds and resources are readily available for many organizations, however, it can be difficult to determine which funds apply to a precise industry and the process for obtaining accessible money. In addition to guiding clients through the grant application process, Mackenzie Hughes can assist with strategic organizational planning that helps the client determine how to accomplish their goals through grant-funded programming.

Specific services include:

  • Meeting with client to clarify and prioritize organizational funding needs
  • Research and identify grant prospects
  • Interpret and apply relevant state and federal statutes, regulations and grant program guidance
  • Engage in dialogue with the grant program representative to ensure mutual understanding of both the program requirements and the proposed project
  • Review and evaluate program requirements and advise client regarding program options, obligations and likelihood of success
  • Work with municipal officials and other individuals at the client's discretion who play a fundamental role in the planning of the proposed project (e.g., project engineers)
  • Facilitate affiliations, collaborations and partnerships between grantees and other parties
  • Draft resolutions, form letters of support and other required documents as necessary for submission with the grant application
  • Work with the client to reach out to elected officials and entities to request support for the project
  • Prepare narrative, perform proofreading, formulate budget and prepare application for submission
  • Upon award notification, provide post-award guidance to clients and complete follow-up paperwork
  • Provide monthly progress reports

Grant Administration Services

Once a grant has been awarded, Mackenzie Hughes provides grant administration services to our clients by liaising with the funding source to negotiate contract terms on behalf of our clients, ensuring contract compliance, and helping clients adhere to reporting requirements as set forth by the funding agencies.

From a project standpoint, our team works closely with vendors and all members of the project team to make sure that the project meets certain milestones as outlined in the contract while staying within budget.

Grant administration services include:

  • Fiscal management
  • Preparation of Environmental Review Records and completion of release of funds process
  • Recordkeeping
  • Preparation of status reports
  • Procurement
  • Preparation or project revisions and amendments
  • Compliance with national objectives
  • Monitoring and compliance with program regulations
  • Preparation of close-out documents
  • Any additional work required to implement and complete our client’s project


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